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About us

Phillip Rutenberg, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dredge-A-Drain, began his plumbing apprenticeship back in 1977.

As an apprentice, Phillip rose up the ranks to buy out Kensington Plumbers; and so began a dedication to success that separates the best from the rest.

Every effort is made to ensure all work is carried out in a reliable, safe and efficient manner according to stringent standards and quality workmanship. In 1981 Phillip became the proud owner of Kensington Plumbers. Under the guidance of Phillip, Kensington Plumbers grew until new technology indicated the suitability for the drain cleaning operation to branch out into a fully fledge independent enterprise of its own.

October 1999 saw the birth of Dredge-A-Drain, the specialized “pump-out” and “drain-cleaning” service enterprise. Dredge-A-Drain rose up from the ranks of 1 fully mobile service unit using best of breed technology, service and delivery, to quickly become a national network of mobile units specializing in servicing drains and fat traps situated in basements of hospitals, hostels, shopping centres and corporate premises that are otherwise out of reach.

Mission Statement

To be recognized for a reliable and Professional service

To be recognized for work that is guaranteed

To be recognized for competitive prices

To be recognized for believing nothing is too small or too big

To be recognized for being at the clients’ disposal around the clock and across the calendar

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