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Dredge-A-Drain in line with empowerment for previously disadvantaged individuals and are leading this industry with partnerships in our independently operated and owned mobile units.

Dredge-A-Drain invites PDI’s (Previously disadvantaged individuals) to join our fast growing enterprise and participate in a joint venture structure that creates entrepreneurs out of you.

Dredge-A-Drain believes in entrepreneurs, it is who we are and it is up to entrepreneurs to build this industry, country and nation to improve the quality of life for all of us.

Dredge-A-Drain will assist interested individuals with a financed partnership that includes full training in our “pump-out” and “drain-cleaning” operation. Once an individual has met all the requirements they will join the ranks of true entrepreneurs and help lay the foundations for a new South Africa. For more information on our BEE Policy please feel free to contact us.

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