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The Benefits of Drain Cleaning

Countless homeowners have an inconspicuous blind spot in their home maintenance routine: drain pipes. Most people have a tendency to forget their drainage pipes up until the moment when something happens, such as a blocked drain or the emergence of harmful, smelly odours into the home. However, you don't have to deal with such issues with your drains if you do a little pre-emptive maintenance. Here are a few of the benefits of giving your home's drains a thorough cleaning:

More efficient drainage Firstly, the benefit of cleaning your drains, comes from the fact that they will drain more fluently than before. Water won’t remain behind in the drain and will only slowly burble its way down the pipe. By thoroughly cleaning your drains, your sinks and other water fixtures will a heavily minimised possibility of overflowing or developing stagnant water. This is especially important in toilet drains because keeping these pipes clear will help to thwart backflow.

Prevent pipe leaks The accumulation of chemical deposits within your drain pipes can cause them to corrode. In having your pipes cleaned routinely, you can prevent these leaks from forming. This prolongs the longevity of your existing pipe, so you save the costs of replacing your existing drain pipes.

Preventing of foul smells While you might link the occurrence of smelly odours with your toilet, failure to clean a drain can result in the build-up of mould and bacteria, which will lead to unpleasant stenches in your home. Don't rely on the regular flow of water to wash these spores, as mould spores proliferates in dark, damp environments. Cleaning your drain thoroughly and regularly can destroy or help wash away these mould spores and prevent bacteria from settling.

Prevent damage to your home Water damage from a clean water pipe is frustrating enough, however, the damage that a leak in a drain with waste water can cause is even more upsetting, as this water comes holds harmful chemicals and bacteria. This contaminated water can cause the staining of any flooring or walls it comes into contact with, which leads to more costly to repairs or replacements. Cleaning your drains regularly can prevent this damage from happening.

Many DIY lovers often use chemical drain cleaners to clear blocked pipes in their home. While the use of such products is unlikely to create permanent damage to pipes, the improper use of these lye-based chemicals can cause harm to both the pipes and individual (lye corrodes skin on contact).

However, these chemical usages are still deficient to the task of efficiently cleaning your home's pipes, as they do not scour build-up from the sides, but just flow past without properly cleaning the pipe.

Thankfully, many clogs or instances of drain build-up can be easily cleared from a pipe using readily available tools such as a plunger or a drain snake. Drain snakes can be especially effective at removing excess build-up from the sides of your pipe, given the way in which they are designed to operate.

Should common home plumbing solutions prove insufficient to clear your pipes, remember that you can get professional assistance from one of Dredge-A-Drain’s cleaning and plumbing specialists. Dredge-A-Drain, in line with our desire to provide a service that is above the expected levels, are proud to make a

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