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How to Clean a Blocked Drain

Bathroom and kitchen sinks do a large amount of work around a household, so when it is blocked it will be noticed right away. These clogs usually happen when because of built-up remains in your pipes – from crumbs or dirt to hair or grease.

Although most stores sell chemicals that you can use to clear your drain, they are harsh and may cause damage to the pipes. These products frequently move the clog further, which eventually results in causing a larger backup.

Below are a few ways to assist removing drain clogs and preventing them from forming in the future:

Boiling Water

Try ridding your clog with a jug of boiling water. Hot water will not do it – this is because boiling assists in dissolving any organic matter in your sink. Pour the water directly into the drain using a kettle or a pot.

However, it is not recommended to use boiling water if you have PVC pipes. This is because the heat could result in the joints to loosen. In addition, never pour boiling water straight onto a porcelain sink bowl, as this will crack.

Vinegar & Baking Soda

If boiling water does not clear your sink, vinegar and baking soda will do the trick. First pour half a box of baking soda down your drain, without any water. Next, pour half a cup of vinegar directly down the sink and place a metal stopper to stop the drain; vinegar and baking soda creates a ‘volcano’ reaction. After 30 minutes, pour boiling water down your drain.


If none of the above has assisted in unblocking your sink, it may be a result of a large obstruction or has become so blocked no liquid is able to flow through. It is time for a plunger.

Firstly, be certain you have the right plunger; cup-shaped and not flanged is the one you would use for your sink. Handheld and full-length plungers are available at any hardware store and are equally efficient.

Fill your sink halfway with water, and place your plunger over the drain, making sure you have a firm seal.

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