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Frequantly Asked Questions

1. Does hydro jetting use high-water pressure?

Yes, hydro jetting uses extremely high-water pressure which is used to clear nearly any type of obstruction, including tree roots. The jets work by breaking up and pushing the blockages through the pipes without any additional issues. The high water pressure levels exerted by hydro jets means that this process should be performed by a professional.

2. Are lateral pipes accessible with hydro jetting?

With a lot of de-clogging methods lateral pipes may remain inaccessible, meaning that the blockage process could require more invasive practices. However, hydro jetting allows for the removal of the blockages without having to dig up the pipe. Due to the fact that lateral pipes connected the residential plumbing system to the sewer main, if a blockage occurs in these pipes backups will affect the entire dwelling. Therefore, if a clog occurs in the lateral lines it becomes an immediate necessity to unclog and begin the hydro jetting process.

3. Why is camera inspections used for hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting removes obstructions from pipes to the main sewer, the effectiveness of the process depends on the use of camera inspections. Your plumbing experts will inspection the pipes, to identify the location and type of clog to use the right amount of water pressure and time to clear the obstruction. A Plumber will also identify signs of developing problems during the inspection to assist with keeping your plumbing in good

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