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Hydro-Jet Cleaning 4 Benefits

Cleans and Unclogs
When fats, soap, grease, detergents, dirt and mineral deposits accumulation on the inside of sewage pipes, serious problems occur such as clogged pipes. In order to address the ongoing issues of sludge build up that results in clogged drains, Hydro-Jet cleaning is the cure. Hydro Jetting is an ideal drain cleaning option because it unclogged and cleans the internal pipes, keeping them unclogged for a longer period. When it comes to removing roots from drains, high-pressure Hydro-Jetting can be used. A specialized cutting tool can be attached and driven by the water jets to remove the roots from the drain pipes. Furthermore, the great part about Hydro-Jet cleaning is, it is ideal for blocked kitchen drains, laundry lines, bathroom sinks, tubs, showers, floor drains and sewer lines.

Removes Bacteria
If your drains are giving off foul smells, this is due to bacteria build up. Hydro-Jetting can be used to address this issue, leaving your drain pipes fresh and clean. This is possible because the Hydro Jetting stream of water is so forceful that it is able to remove not only the soap, grease and scum build-up but also any bacteria that has settled in your bathroom or kitchen drains.

Environmentally safe and economical
Just one single pipe cleaning with a Hydro-Jetting system can last four times longer than a typical procedure with a mechanical snake. Hydro-Jetting reduces the amount of sewer service expenses over time, making it an affordable alternative. Unlike conventional drain cleaning methods that sometimes use harmful and dangerous liquids to break up debris only to re-clog later, jet water removes the clog safely and completely by preventing grease or other self-healing clogs of substances such from re-forming in a very environmentally safe way. When it comes to drain cleaning it should be done a minimum of twice s a year, whereas Hydro-Jetting is so effective that it secures your pipes against clogs for a number of years, saving you loads of money.

Consistent and Accurate Cleaning
Finally, Hydro-Jetting allows you to clear underground drain pipes without the need to dig up the yard. This is possible because the high-pressure water stream is pushed through the pipes spinning both sand and water from multiple angles to ensure the drain pipes are clear and clean. Making Hydro-Jetting useful when it comes to cleaning drains in homes with corroded infrastructure and pipes that would have been damaged in order to remove the clog from the pipes. For help with all things drains contact Dredge A Drain today.

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