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Explaining Hydro Jetting Cleaning Systems

The clean maintenance of your drains is a vital part of having healthy plumbing in your home. Consistent drain cleaning will thwart frustrating clogs from occurring, and it will minimise the strain within the pipes that is caused from build-up along the pipes’ interior, limiting water flow. However, there are a number of homeowners don’t consider regular drain cleaning as part of the maintenance they need to do on systems all throughout their house. But continual drain cleaning maintenance is the key method of preventing clogged drains.

Sometimes, however, you’ll still need to have clogs cleared out, and for this you’ll need directed drain cleaning. For both targeted and ongoing drain cleaning Dredge-A-Drain Cleaners, where we provide comprehensive plumbing and cleaning services for any and all projects.

The Hydro Jet The hydro jet is the tool behind hydro jetting, tackling the toughest clogs, scum, and other debris that can cause blockages to your drains. Hydro jets are more advanced than conventional motorised drain snakes, which are helpful tools for removing clogs, but lack the hydro jet’s capacity to effusively clean out the interior of a drain.

The hydro jet is a powerful machine that can use an electric, gas, or diesel engine to function. From the end of a high pressure hose that winds down into your pipes, the hydro jet blasts hot water out at an extremely high pressure, usually in excess of 7,000 psi (pounds per square inch). The high temperature and force of the water from the jet can blast through even the most resolute clogs. The hot water will also eradicate other organic deposits along the pipes, providing the area with a full cleansing.

Working with water pressure that high can potentially be dangerous. When undertaking hydro jetting, plumbers will need to wear special protective gear to guard their skin and faces from accidents. They’ll also need specialised training to use the hydro jet properly. For this reason, homeowners should never attempt to purchase a professional hydro jet for personal use. These are incredibly powerful tools and ought to remain in trained hands.

If you need specialised cleaning to eliminate a clog, contacting a professional plumber who utilises hydro jetting will take care of it. However, if over a year has passed since you had a visit from a plumber, you should consider scheduling a regular cleaning with hydro jetting (and other tools) to prevent future clogs.

Dredge-A-Drain in line with our desire to provide a service that is above the expected levels, are proud to make a guide available to you and your valued clients. Dredge-A-Drains high pressure mobile equipment assists facility managers maintain a clean and odourless free environment in and around loading bays. At Dredge-A-Drain, we are pleased to advise on any drain cleaning and plumbing requirements.

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