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Preparing pipes and drains for winterg

Winter temperatures and snapping frosty periods can affect your drains and pipes negatively. Pipes and drains can become a headache by cracking, bursting and causing reduced flow rates, which can lead to your property being ruined, if not dealt with prior to winter. With these issues in mind, we will go through some tips that will help you prepare you drains and pipes for the harsh winter.

Protect Your Pipes & Drains
Preparing pipes for winter is not challenging as it involves a few easy steps. It is necessary to protect your pipes because as water freezes, it expands. Therefore, it is more likely that a drop in temperature will exact a toll on your pipes. Thus, it is important to take special care of your pipes and drains that are located outside. Some examples to look out for are; outdoor taps, water sprinkler apparatus, swimming pool hoses, and pipes that exist in areas of the house that aren’t heated such as garages.

Insulate in Order to Protect
Protecting your pipes by Insulating them is one of the best ways in which to protect them against frost damage, and isn’t as expensive as you might initially imagine. If you are not going to use specific pipes, drains or any other water-containing structures, you should drain them for winter. Whilst those that will be used throughout winter should be insulated, it will assist in reducing your energy expenditure.

Circular insulation is a good choice as it can be applied quickly and easily by wrapping around any at-risk piping and it is available from any good DIY store. Also if the pipes are thinner it may be better to use heat tape or cable which can be a cheaper option for insulation.

Install Drain Protection Think about purchasing a drain protector formed out of a non-freeze plastic, if the leaves are still falling and you want to stop errant materials from getting into your drains.

Repair Leakages
At the end of summer, it helps if you take a trip around your property in order to inspecting taps or amenities, to see if there are any leakages in your property. If you find any leaks, make sure to fix them before the temperature drops. Make sure to use a professional company like Dredge A Drain if you discover leaking pipes which service your heating or water mains.

Getting your home winter ready isn’t as difficult as you might initially imagine, however taking a vigilant approach means no regrets during the chilliest time of the year!

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