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Septic Tank Emptying

CCTV pipe surveys ae completed in order to assess the condition of drain pipes. Where problems have been identified, there are several ways of options available to fix pipes without disruption to the client.

Patch Repairs

Drain patch repairing is done on pipes that have fractures or cracks due to badly laid pipes, roots or other such problems. This can become a widespread problem for commercial, industrial and domestic properties. Patch repairs can be done by repairing the damage of the pipe without digging and disruption.

A drain patch is a fabric section, which is soaked with epoxy resin. This is then fed into the pipe until it reaches the section that is damaged, then it is inflated and held in place until is sets. A CCTV camera is placed down the pipe, ensuring the segment is in place.

Relining of Pipes

This is the process of repairing a drain, pipe work or sewer by constructing a brand new pipe within the existing one using techniques that do not require digging. This is the most effective and affordable way of repairing a drain.

Lateral Cutting

After a CCTV survey, if obstructions are found in the pipe, this can be removed using robotic cutters. This service is useful as it does not cause disruption to a client. This process is also used to cut openings for lateral connections after relining.

Pressure Testing

This test is carried out on pipe networks, ensuring they are in good condition. Pressure testing can be a requirement of licensed facilities under Local Authorities.

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