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Taking Care of Your Septic Tank

While many residential, commercial, and industrial drainage systems have a connection with municipal facilities, those individuals or groups that make use of septic tank systems, have likely built an understanding of the specific requirements they have in terms of their care. So, if your septic tank at home has been giving you trouble, or you are looking to include one on your property to manage your removal and storage of waste, then these tips will ensure that you do it right, to ensure that your tank continues to work in the way that it should.

Keep the Tank Clear of Heavy Objects
Your septic tank may be susceptible to damages that undermine its performance when heavy objects are placed on surfaces around the tank. Because of this, care should be taken to keep heavy items away, and under no circumstances should you park a vehicle on the area above it.

Stay Away from Non-Biodegradable Chemicals
Many cleaning materials that are typically flushed down drains and toilets can cause serious harm to septic tanks. This can happen for a number of reasons. Firstly, they may lead to blockages which stop the tank from performing as it should. However, a more likely outcome of using non-biodegradable chemicals and flushing them into your tank, it that they will kill the bacteria within that is associated with breaking down the stored waste. When this happens, you will almost certainly need to have it repaired.

Only Use Septic-Safe Cleaning Products
Having said that, tank owners should source cleaning products and chemicals that are biodegradable and categorised as safe for septic tanks. There are an assortment of chemicals and products that fit this requirement, and your use of them will depend on your preference.

Always Stay on Top of Tank Maintenance
Lastly, like any appliance in your home or place of work that runs consistently, your tank needs to be regularly maintained by a professional technician to ensure that it keeps working effectively, hygienically and safely. Failing to do so will likely cause problems at a later date, as worn components, pipes and materials start to lose integrity and undermine the operation of the tank.

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