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Different Forms of Commercial and Industrial Drain Management

It is a universally acknowledged truth that there are as many different drainage systems for commercial and industrial setups as there are specific requirements for their care. The needs of these systems are largely dependent on their types, complexity, environment and the industry which they serve. Knowing a little more about what goes into the process of fixing and maintaining these systems will help you take better care of them, and will allow you to source the appropriate service whenever drain systems under your control need work. So, to help you with that, here are some of the most important drain management services that your plumbing company should be able to provide you with.

Fat and Grease Traps
Industries that make use of drainage systems that need to be able to handle being bogged down by greasy and fatty materials which are carried into it with water. Fat and grease traps are the ideal solution for hotels, restaurants and cafés where these types of materials are often present in the drain. These traps capture these materials so that they don’t get caught in the drain, eventually causing blockages.

Rehabilitating Septic Tanks
Since septic tanks do not drain into municipal facilities, they need to undergo regular maintenance while also receiving special care during their use. When rehabilitating septic tanks, excess waste is removed from the tank and premises, while the active bacteria within is strengthened to ensure that they can seamlessly breakdown waste in the tank. This type of service is most typically suited to systems on farms, smallholdings as well as processing plants.

Washing Down Refuse Areas
Areas where refuse is processed, stored or loaded can produce unpleasant odours and stubborn bacteria which not only create an unpleasant environment, but can also pose risks to health. Because of this, a good plumbing or waste removal service should provide for clearing such areas with the professional use of high-pressure water jets and specialised cleaning equipment.

Clearing Storm-Water Drains
Starm-water drains will likely become bogged down with matter over an extended period of time, undermining their effectiveness and leading to possible disruptions in your plumbing. For this reason, a similar process to washing down refuge areas is used to clear them of debris build-up.

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