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A closer look at the benefits of water jetting systems

Water jetting is an environmentally-safe method used to handle cleaning, cutting and surface preparation problems in a variety of industrial applications. This versatile technology has been proven effective for use with materials as diverse as rubber, composites, metals and even foodstuffs. Water jetting is environmentally friendly in that it does not produce hazardous water products often found in the manufacturing process. In addition, water jetting uses small amounts of water, which can be recycled using a closed loop system. Water jetting also reduces the release of fumes and contaminants from materials such as fiberglass and asbestos, thereby creating a safer environment for equipment operators.

Dredge-A-Drain uses both pneumatic and electronic air preheater cleaners that eliminate the need for old fashioned manual jet-lancing that was once the standard method of cleaning air preheater baskets. Power plants have realised immediate savings not only by maintaining cleaner rotors, but also restoring the optimum efficiency of regenerative air preheaters. Dredge-A-Drain also boasts a line of Rotary Line cleaners. These ingenious cleaners combine the benefit of rotating the nozzle for more thorough cleaning with the versatility of flex lancing. By adding a fully retractable hose, operators are no longer exposed to the potential dangers of hose uncoupling, which in turn, further contributes to maintaining a cost-effective operation.

Dredge-A-Drain is a cost-saving alternative to shutting down plants to clean or rehab pipes or tanks using conventional torch cutting. Generating a minimum of sparks and heat, this water jetting system makes a cut through metal up to 12 cm thick, easily out-performing many other systems on the market. In addition, the system is fully portable and can be easily clean set-up by a two man team. Also available from Dredge-A-Drain, which allows users to cut doors and other passages into sheet metal.

Surface Preparation
High-pressure water jetting is not only economical, but with so many environmental advantages it is swiftly becoming the preferred process for coating removal by many major industries. Enter the Vulcan Stripper, considered the “flagship” of Dredge-A-Drain ultra-high pressure (UHP) surface preparation tools. The water jets delivers the power to clean the most difficult surfaces down to white metal quickly and cost effectively using a minimum amount of water.

From multi-blaster pump packages to control guns and fittings and nozzles, Dredge-A-Drain offers solutions to manage tasks from low-pressure cleanings to UHP surface preparation. Dredge-A-Drain’s water jetting pumps services are some of the most reliable systems available and can help meet industrial needs.

Dredge-A-Drain in line with our desire to provide a service that is above the expected levels, are proud to make a guide available to you and your valued clients. We are pleased to advise on any drain cleaning and plumbing requirements.

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